AIOZ Token

AIOZ Token

The AIOZ Token, its utilities in AIOZ Network.

What are the utilities of $AIOZ Token in AIOZ Network?

  • Secure the AIOZ Network by Staking
  • Rewards of AIOZ Network Nodes in AIOZ Network’s dCDN
  • Payment Gateway in the AIOZ Network
  • Network Fee for Smart Contracts & Transactions on the AIOZ Network

How can I be rewarded with $AIOZ?

  • You can download and install an AIOZ Node, become a member of the AIOZ Network, and be rewarded $AIOZ rewards.
  • Staking $AIOZ to secure AIOZ Network.

What is the difference between $AIOZ, $AIOZ ERC-20, $AIOZ BEP20?

$AIOZ is a multi-chain asset as follow:

  • $AIOZ is a Native Token on AIOZ Network Mainnet
  • $AIOZ ERC-20 is wrapped AIOZ on Ethereum Network
  • $AIOZ BEP-20 is wrapped AIOZ on Binance Smart Chain

Although the wallet addresses in the AIOZ Network are similar to those in the ETH and BSC networks, it is essential to remember that the tokens in each network must be used within that network; therefore, if you wish to convert your token from $AIOZ to $AIOZ ERC-20 or $AIOZ BEP-20 or vice versa, you must use the $AIOZ Bridge.

Can I send $AIOZ ERC-20 to my AIOZ Wallet?

No, you need to swap them from $AIOZ ERC-20 to $AIOZ using AIOZ Bridge.

Can I send $AIOZ to an Ethereum Wallet?

No, you need to swap them from $AIOZ to $AIOZ ERC-20 using AIOZ Bridge to store in ETH Wallet.